February 12-19, 2019

Cost: $600 per person plus airfare.

Price includes: ground transportation, food, and lodging.

February 19-26, 2019

Northside Christian Church, Gladstone, KS

Cost: $600 per person plus airfare.

Price includes: ground transportation, food, and lodging.


Medical Brigades


The only way to create sustainable change is to provide a level of access to education that the people of rural Honduras have never had. We believe providing an education fo these children will not only change their lives, but the lives of all future generations as well. 

OUR GOAL to educate the children of the villages is driven by our conviction to reach the people of Honduras with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Education is a form of learning through which the knowledge, skills, and habits are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research.  

We anticipate that teaching these children to read and to become literate will facilitate the introduction of the Gospel to their parents and family members.  It will also allow the children to expand their horizons and potential.


Please take some time and watch Lucidalia's story. She is a wonderful example of the type of change we get to see everyday in the communities we partner with.

Child Enrichment Program

As the Martins began their ministry to the villages of rural Honduras, it was the poverty affecting so many of the families which caught their attention. Jim and Francis some time later began a monthly food distribution program to the most impoverished of families. The continuing monthly food distribution program gave the people confidence in Honduras Ministies' intentions to stay and help, not leave. This, in due time, opened the hearts of many to the message of Jesus Christ.

Through the Child Enrichment Program you support children and their families directly as they receive food, medicines, and hygiene products each month. Visit the Child Enrichment program tab and you will see that we have expanded our food program to include many benefits. By sending a small monthly gift, you help provide immediate assistance to a specific child and family. The family then continues to receive food assistance plus access to pastoral care. The child now has access to a quality education through 12th grade with weekly bible instruction. 

Partner With Us Today!

Set up a monthly donation and start impacting lives in rural Honduras, today. Your monthly donation provides food, education, medical care, and much more to these children. Will you help us change the world around them? 

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